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  • 46 years old
  • From Tacloban City, Philippines

VFV's Groups

  • BLISS Homestays
    BLISS Homestays

    This group provides information on homestays in BLISS (Tacloban City) Read More

  • Child Sponsorship Program
    Child Sponsorship Program

    The Child Sponsorship Program aims to restore hope and dignity to children coming from underprivileged situations. A sponsor will be able to provide a Filipino child with basic needs such as education, food, and medicines at only $25 a month. … Read More

  • Community Program
    Community Program

    It is amazing how a small, two-storey building deep in the narrow alleys of the Bliss residential area has become a hub for hope and change for children and residents of the Bliss community. The recently completed VFV Community Center … Read More

  • Dumpsite Program
    Dumpsite Program

    The Dumpsite Program is a product of the Volunteer for the Visayans Community Program which seeks to rehabilitate children working or previously working in a local dumpsite. The program began in June 2005 after a visit to a Compost Production Plant … Read More

  • Nutrition Volunteers
    Nutrition Volunteers

    Nutrition is a poorly understood topic in the Philippines. As a result there an alarming rate of Public Health Concerns that stem from poor diet and poor understanding of nutrition. Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Malnourishment, Vitamin A-Deficiency and Protein Energy … Read More

  • Rural Health Clinic Volunteers
    Rural Health Clinic Volunteers

    Rural Health Unit (RHU) Clinics are the only source of free healthcare for rural communities suffering from socioeconomic stress. Typically these clinics have just one doctor and a handful of nurses to care for a community of thousands of people and … Read More